School NSM 2009 theme contest


I have been waiting…waiting for the entries for school NSM 2009 themes to drop in. At last Vivek did. Without being judgmental it was really creative. Let’s see what others come up with. As far as bribe /prize is concerned “yes sir definitely, we have three nights and four day package at Udaipur in a luxury hotel and a memento to be personally given by our CEO”…!!!

I too would like to contribute to theme contest for school NSM 2009...its “Pearson 2K10...Passion.Pride.Performance.”

I hope everyone would come up with their own theme and we will have more of such ideas by the time we close it on 22nd june.




Gitesh Sinha

NSM Themes and fatigue

Here is my thought for the school NSM theme. Since the focus of the meeting is 2010, I would call it 10 for 10 and ask everyone to come to the meeting with their top 10 priorities and a plan for their top 10 customers.

I'm writing this on my way to Colombo, and I can't wait to board the plane and get some sleep. I kept wondering whether making this post would spur some participation or whether it stifle it. Usually it's not wise to make such heavy decisions when you're tired, but I decided to go for it.

Gitesh, are you offering us any bribes for our ideas?

Vivek Govil
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Dear School Team,


This is again the time of year when we are gearing up for our annual National Sales Meet 2009. As it has now been a regular tradition to assign a logo or theme for our meet every year. Last year it was ‘Aspire, Achieve, Inspire’. Similarly this year also we would like to invite interesting and inspiring theme/logo from all you. I hope you will come up with some very unique and exciting ideas. The selected entry will be part of all our NSM 2009 stationery and memorabilia. Apart from all this you will also win prize.


So bring out your best creative ideas.





Gitesh Sinha

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