Breaking the Silence

I'm sorry, I have been off the air for a long while. I thought I would do a summary of 2009, but then figured maybe this isn't the place to do it. However, I would like to say thank you to every one of you for your efforts - I think we have set ourselves up for sustained, long term growth. And from whatever competitive information I can get, I think we continue to overtake the venerable names in Indian publishing.

In 2009, I travelled like crazy, I think Rajni counted about 40 trips in the year. Each trip has its own little stories, but I thought I'd share one from my recent trip to Calcutta: on the coach from the aircraft to the terminal, a young man got up and gave me his seat! I now realise that I have achieved that milestone of looking like a senior citizen. Perhaps I should act more like one too!

Vivek Govil

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