NSM Theme

Dear All,


The winning entry for this year’s NSM theme is PE 2.0 (which denotes new beginning or new era or new version) and the winner is Kapil Kaul from HR. He will get his gift for this theme during the NSM in Pattaya.


Congratulations to Kapil!!!!!!!!!


The logo expressing the theme is –






A big thanks to all those who participated and better luck next time.



Hina Malhotra


NSM 2010 Theme

 The theme for NSM 2010 should be:


“Learning from the experience”.


It is less important, where you start. It is more important how and what you learn. If quality of learning is high, the development is a steep and given time, you can find yourself in a previous unattainable place. I think the Pearson story is living proof of it.





Rohan Bharati



NSM Theme



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