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NSM 2009 theme contest - close

Dear All

                       Thank you everyone. The NSM 2009 theme contest has drawn an overwhelming response from all of you. Everyone came out with their creative best and the entire idea has been justified by your sense of participation.  We will be short listing the theme entries today and presenting it to the judges. I certainly think the judges will have tough time deciding the winner out of so many equally marvelous ideas. You will all be informed about the result of this contest on mail and also on blog. I again thank all of you and wish you best of luck.






Gitesh Sinha







Gitesh Sinha

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Latest Blockbuster from the house of Wandering Generalities Motion Pvt. ltd.

Produced By : Vikram Singh

Directed By : Nikhil Bhargava

Finance By : Self Financing very Private Highly Limited

Cast : Amit Kumar,Bhushan Sharma, and introducing rising stars of the future Raza Khan , Gaurav Singh (new comers)

The movie begins with leaving office on Friday evening , getting in our travel gear on the first Dhaba on the highway , mixing our spirits in right proportions and driving throughout the night to reach our destination called Lansdown

The way up to resort was prepared well by spot boys absolutely without concrete or signboards, perfect beginning to the shooting

Next moring we began our shooting with few glitches like Hero arriving late at the sets and rolling out the usual excuse that they have got a flat tyre

Finally the whole crew arrived at the shooting venue and got busy with their specified tasks


And then started the shooting with our heroine for which we had covered 260kms in 12 hours “the chicken on the river side” , BTW the stove which we had got for getting relishing “Heroine” ready gave up and we had to resort to our ancestral skills of cooking.

And finally after 3 hours of fire fighting (literally), burnt fingers and smoked lungs “Heroine” was ready for the shoot…

It was time for the climax, by evening 4 o’clock we were able to complete the schedule of our shooting

I am still wondering what happens when this movie hits theatres in this recession and slump ,, will I get audience …lets wait and watch


Mohan Meakins Pvt. Ltd.
Pepsico.Pvt. Ltd.
United Beverages
Maruti Suzuki
Reebok,Addidas,Nike (for trekking gear)
NECC (For doing poor ads. And letting eggs hatch to become chickens)
Airtel,Idea,Vodaphone(for having no towers in the region)
Hospitality Partners : Not so famous Dhabas on route & resort@Lansdown
deleted scenes : Please visit me@KD 107




                                           with pearson longman

m sudhakar rao


Dear all,


"Follow never.....be a leader forever"

Jaya prakash

NSM Theme

Hello everyone,


Theme for NSM 2009


Every Hour Success Hour




Every Hour Education Hour




Business before pleasure




Practice..   Perfection..   Performance..









NSM theme contest


Here is the NSM theme for the 2009-2010, which is scheduled in Udaipur city

                                                            "Believers are Achievers"

Manmeet Singh

NSM theme

Arc of Success: Leading the Sun. - inspired by the Yellow Arc of the Pearson logo

The theme for NSM -Udaipur

1. Smile. Strive. Succeed.
2. We Came. We Saw. We Will Conquer!

Nothing official about this....


Nothing official about this……..


One more entry unofficially


Gyaan ke Prakash ko karo ON with PearsON





Pearson jhakaas……….. Baki sab Bakwaas………




Hina Malhotra


NSM Theme

Below is the Theme for this NSM :-



                    Lead the path of 3 E’s











Suggested Themes for NSM - Udaipur


Here are my suggestions.


1. Smile. Strive. Succeed.


2. We Came. We Saw. We Will Conquer!



Nalini Ramadoss



Overheard around the office.Themes for the School NSM

There are some people around office who are a) too modest and b) too harried over deadlines to post their own ideas. So this is a compilation of various ideas that have been floated here and there. If the powers-that-be like any of these, I’ll tell you who came up with it.


Create. Communicate. Consolidate.


Initiate. Innovate.


Knowledge Never Ends


Explore New Avenues


Innovate to Achieve


And *drum roll*


Great Expectations (And yes, the person came up with this, freely admits that it’s an ‘inspired’ idea.)


Incidentally, I had a suggestion for the unofficial theme of the NSM:


Bujhaye only pyaas, baki sab bakwaas.

NSM 2009 Theme



I would like to contribute few more themes for our NSM 2009:


* Challenging Perfection


Meaning: What other consider perfect, we challenge that.


* NSM 2009: From Strength to Strength


Meaning: From one success to another higher level of success.


Pearsonites 2009: Ideas @ work


Meaning: We at Pearson are constantly creating ideas for working ahead.



Mona Goyal









 Hi …this is my contribution… hope it makes it….


Its very essential that we EXPLORE the new frontiers,  EXECUTE on our plans and this will definitively  lead to  EXCEL….


Asstt. Marketing Manager


Pearson Education

New No: 13, Old No: 06,

Rajamannar Street,

Off G.N.Chetty Road,

T-Nagar, Chennai – 600 017

Phone:    044 42924500, extn 501

DID:       044 42924501

Mobile:  +91 94443 90857



P please consider the environment before printing this e-mail


NSM 2009 theme.



My idea of a theme for NSM 2009 is……….” DIVERSE,UNIQUE,UNITED & STRONG –TEAM INDIA”.



Rajiv Singh.



I would suggest the following three themes:


  1. Sanrachna (Type it in Hindi, I don’t have a hindi font)
  2. Convergence of the TITANS
  3. Erudition-2009 “Creating Global Partnership”




NSM Theme

My Theme for NSM



NSM 2009 - THEME

We at Pearson are changing. From being a global publishing giant trying to gain foothold in India, we have become dynamic, upcoming market leader in South Asia publishing industry. This one decade has been our own Quest for best Educational products both in Higher Education and Schools. But our success is based on our ability to change faster then our competitor, customer and business. It’s based on our success to Catch the Waves of change of the unpredictable consumer and society. The cycle of their needs, desires and demands will decide where we will go next. Each of our team with their intense curiosity, observe events and analyze market trends, seek the clues and translate them into opportunities, so that we Roll with the changes to the next level of growth and be the number one.


Drawing my conclusion from this I offer three themes for NSM 2009 Udaipur


v     “Quest for the Best”


v     “Catch the Wave”


v     “Roll With the Changes”




Deepa Tandon






NSM Themes

Here are my ideas about theme for School NSM 2009 …


1)      From books to e-books

2)      From print to digital




Rajni Bhatia

NSM - school - 2009 - theme







What about Ever onward




School NSM theme 2009

NSM Theme 2009


The theme of this year National Sales Meet 2009 should be either one of them:

  • We….Educate the world

Meaning: We, being in the publishing industry, come out with quality books hence we are imparting the knowledge and educating the world all around.

  • The Best Get Better Together

Meaning: If all of us join hands together, can empower the world, can create a better tomorrow in education.


Mona Goyal

title of post




I too would like to contribute to theme contest for school NSM 2009...its


“Superb Esteem Endeavour”


As far as explanations goes superb means excellent, outstanding, and wonderful which always relates to brand Pearson. Pearson is considered with high value & regard, even our competitor admire us thus it signifies the word esteem. The word Endeavour means to exert oneself to do or effect something; make an effort; or strive to succeed.



Rahul Sahu


Speaking of NSM themes...

Okay, so when I first saw that the school division was looking for a theme I had a few ideas that I quite forgot to put down. And then the next email comes and I’m glad I have a chance to send these in. After a mistake I now know where to send them.:)


Anyway, I have here 4 themes.



Reach In to Reach Out.

Reach Down to Reach Up.

As far as explanations go for this theme it’s all about tapping into our own creativity, abilities and resources in order to reach out and sell them. In reaching down, we aim to get as many within the web of pearson through all that creativity and ability and reach the top.



On the Road to Success

Given all the successes of Pearson in the last year it looks like we’re well on our way to making ourselves know in the Indian market. And we need to be on the go and keep moving towards that goal of complete success.



Wired for Success

This theme works along the same lines as the previous one, except that it also speaks of being geared up and ready to meet with success.



One Team.

One Mind.

One Goal.




One Goal.

One Team.

One Mind.

This theme is rather self-explanatory. It could move from the general to the specific or vice versa. It’s really about the whole of Pearson working as one big Team with one Purpose and one Goal.  


Sariga Raj



School NSM 2009 :Theme contest...... Prize just got BIGGER & Better!!!!!!






School NSM 2009,


theme contest just got bigger


scroll down for the “Big Prize”








Dear Team,


 The prize for the NSM theme contest just got bigger thanks to Vivek, He has offered that the winning entry will get to spend the whole NSM 2009 in the “Grand luxury suite” of Trident,Udaipur !! In the history of Pearson there has never been bigger prize for NSM theme contest. So rush for it and submit your best ideas.  In case you were disappointed to see that you have missed the last date please don’t be. We have extended the last date till 2nd July.


Best of luck

Gitesh Sinha




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