NSM 2009 - THEME

We at Pearson are changing. From being a global publishing giant trying to gain foothold in India, we have become dynamic, upcoming market leader in South Asia publishing industry. This one decade has been our own Quest for best Educational products both in Higher Education and Schools. But our success is based on our ability to change faster then our competitor, customer and business. It’s based on our success to Catch the Waves of change of the unpredictable consumer and society. The cycle of their needs, desires and demands will decide where we will go next. Each of our team with their intense curiosity, observe events and analyze market trends, seek the clues and translate them into opportunities, so that we Roll with the changes to the next level of growth and be the number one.


Drawing my conclusion from this I offer three themes for NSM 2009 Udaipur


v     “Quest for the Best”


v     “Catch the Wave”


v     “Roll With the Changes”




Deepa Tandon







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