Speaking of NSM themes...

Okay, so when I first saw that the school division was looking for a theme I had a few ideas that I quite forgot to put down. And then the next email comes and I’m glad I have a chance to send these in. After a mistake I now know where to send them.:)


Anyway, I have here 4 themes.



Reach In to Reach Out.

Reach Down to Reach Up.

As far as explanations go for this theme it’s all about tapping into our own creativity, abilities and resources in order to reach out and sell them. In reaching down, we aim to get as many within the web of pearson through all that creativity and ability and reach the top.



On the Road to Success

Given all the successes of Pearson in the last year it looks like we’re well on our way to making ourselves know in the Indian market. And we need to be on the go and keep moving towards that goal of complete success.



Wired for Success

This theme works along the same lines as the previous one, except that it also speaks of being geared up and ready to meet with success.



One Team.

One Mind.

One Goal.




One Goal.

One Team.

One Mind.

This theme is rather self-explanatory. It could move from the general to the specific or vice versa. It’s really about the whole of Pearson working as one big Team with one Purpose and one Goal.  


Sariga Raj




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