Speed dial!

A very intelligent Gorgon once said, ‘Life changes before you get a chance to bat an eyelid!’ Yes, it does, most of us will agree. Little babies grow into impressive adults, adults change addresses like butterflies, lovers part, interests wither, hobbies transform and climates alter. All such exciting and dramatic changes make our lives terribly exciting. This is exactly the stuff that thousands of poems are written about! Nothing remains constant. Everything suffers an inevitable end.

But, if you are/have been an employee of Pearson Education, the company will offer you something which will never pass, end or leave you. You may quit, your designation may change (or be taken away), all your stationery items may be snatched away, your laptop may break down, you may be fired (or killed), but your speed dial, once assigned will become an inseparable part of your existence. Yes, you may have moved on in life (and changed five jobs post-Pearson) but your past will continue to haunt you in the form of occasional (or frequent) frantic calls from your innocent ex-colleagues. It could be equally embarrassing as well as startling for both but the curse of the speed dial will outlive that feeling (and you). You may have been determined never to allow certain voices come within earshot. But Pearson will keep unleashing upon you these blasts (or tremors) from the past. In this day and age, when you hesitate to exchange vows of eternal companionship even with your pet tortoise, you got your speed dial to fill the void.

However, if such promises of eternity don’t mean a thing to you, it is advisable to change your cell-phone number once you set out towards greener pastures.




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