Shuttle Tales

It’s been three months since I hopped on to the Pearson Express and here is the travelogue…
The day usually starts with a scramble. My stop is the Dabur Chowk and to reach that point, I navigate through shared autos, rickshaws, buses, two-way lanes, all the while trying to stay out of range of the hawkers and cops who are determined to block the way.

The first week of my shuttling experience was spent trying out different routes. So, we went on the Patparganj—Anand Vihar—Dabur—Vasundhara—Indirapuram—knowledge boulevard route. One trip meant crossing the Shipra Mall light and the driver had just made the left when the bus scraped against a car. The bus with its passengers, the car and its driver were fine, but the cop who showed up mysteriously was not. He was determined to “investigate” and it was only when all the passengers started arguing, that he let us go. Curiously, our bus driver stopped taking that particular road after that day. Several permutations and combinations later, we have figured out a way to reach the office by 9:30 am (and sometimes earlier). And we have all worked out our own way of prepping for the commute.
 So, it could involve listening

Or checking messages:

And sometimes, just heaving a sigh of relief at managing to get people off board!

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