Latest Blockbuster from the house of Wandering Generalities Motion Pvt. ltd.

Produced By : Vikram Singh

Directed By : Nikhil Bhargava

Finance By : Self Financing very Private Highly Limited

Cast : Amit Kumar,Bhushan Sharma, and introducing rising stars of the future Raza Khan , Gaurav Singh (new comers)

The movie begins with leaving office on Friday evening , getting in our travel gear on the first Dhaba on the highway , mixing our spirits in right proportions and driving throughout the night to reach our destination called Lansdown

The way up to resort was prepared well by spot boys absolutely without concrete or signboards, perfect beginning to the shooting

Next moring we began our shooting with few glitches like Hero arriving late at the sets and rolling out the usual excuse that they have got a flat tyre

Finally the whole crew arrived at the shooting venue and got busy with their specified tasks


And then started the shooting with our heroine for which we had covered 260kms in 12 hours “the chicken on the river side” , BTW the stove which we had got for getting relishing “Heroine” ready gave up and we had to resort to our ancestral skills of cooking.

And finally after 3 hours of fire fighting (literally), burnt fingers and smoked lungs “Heroine” was ready for the shoot…

It was time for the climax, by evening 4 o’clock we were able to complete the schedule of our shooting

I am still wondering what happens when this movie hits theatres in this recession and slump ,, will I get audience …lets wait and watch


Mohan Meakins Pvt. Ltd.
Pepsico.Pvt. Ltd.
United Beverages
Maruti Suzuki
Reebok,Addidas,Nike (for trekking gear)
NECC (For doing poor ads. And letting eggs hatch to become chickens)
Airtel,Idea,Vodaphone(for having no towers in the region)
Hospitality Partners : Not so famous Dhabas on route & resort@Lansdown
deleted scenes : Please visit me@KD 107


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