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Hello everyone, this is Vivek Govil. We set up this blog site because it seemed like a good idea, and we had just seen Penguin India put one up. And then we realised that we didn't really have an objective for it! So to start with, I am going to use it to give you some random musings of my experiences and thoughts about working at Pearson. This is the first time I have done this, so forgive me if it sounds pompous. I'm going to try to post at least weekly, so I'll probably hit my stride after a few weeks.

If you have anything that you want to say about life at Pearson Education, mail your writing to Manav at and he will post it.

I have now been a part of Pearson for 125 days. That's well over the 100 day mark that most companies give their CEO's to establish their stamp on an organisation. I would welcome feedback from any of you on the changes that you have noticed.

My own energies have been to try and create a healthy workplace atmosphere, where people work together across functions to move the company forward. In my view, we do work in our narrow silos. This is something that will take time and effort, and yet I think we can get better at this quickly.

We need to be more customer focused, to our external customers as well as internal. We have made some improvements in how we deal with our distributors. I think we can still be far more author friendly, and our internal customer focus still has a long way to go!

And I'm glad that we are finally taking some concrete steps on our website and on our content plus initiatives.

This last month has seen the launch of three major titles: the 13th edition if Kotler, Macroeconomics by Errol D'Sousa
and Upinder Singh's Ancient India. Each of them is a landmark for our company in India. I'm fortunate to be a part of this.

A number of new initiatives are under way to move us forward, but I had better not talk of those in a public forum. Oh, and talking of forums, I thoroughly enjoyed the Open House that we held. I hope you found it useful as well, at least in terms of getting to know how the company was faring.

The dream of every CEO is to make a difference to his company's fortunes and that of its employees. Subroto gave me a great launching pad, I hope you feel that we are now taking this company to the next level of growth.
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About this blog

This blog is for all employees of Pearson in India . We hope to share updates - both personal and professional - from the worlds of education and publishing.