School NSM

With everything else that's going on, today was the only day that I was able to spend with the school team, at their NSM in Goa.

Goa is beautiful in the rains, lush green and overgrown. But the real joy was seeing the positive energy that exists throughout the school team. There is genuine communication, and a sense of shared mission between Sales and Editorial, and there is no fear of negative feedback, when it is presented constructively.

The quality of presentation from the sales teams, the editorial teams and authors was exceptional. And it seemed like there were prizes being given to people and teams right through the day, which maintained that strong positive energy.

Well done everyone. I know that this team will be successful. If not, it will certainly not be for lack of effort or passion.

Soumitri has promised to share her experiences later in the month, so you will get to see another perspective on the NSM from mine.

I got to dance with Rajni for 30 seconds, so that made my evening!

Oh, and one of the team has a dream of a school book in the form of a graphic novel, which I think could be wonderful. Any of the managing editors ready to give this a chance?
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