My Biggest Achievement for Year 2008

My biggest achievement this year was to realize USD 42720/- which were nearly 24 months old and it was an uphill task when I was assigned with the role of entire foreign collections. Even though the amount is not too much in the currency terms but pitching with foreign customers were difficult as they were grossly clumsy in terms of managing it as from India it is quite difficult to convince them through e-mails without meeting them face to face and able to make them understand the statement and reconciling them to their satisfaction. There were no representative till late 2007.

After persistent mails & phone calls to every customer be it Pakistan, Sri Lanka or Maldives, I was able to win their hearts and minds and then only make them convinced of the age old debts which were realized this year. I want personally thank Pooja Gaur, Mukesh Khandelwal, Jawad Tareen, Naval Shukla and last but not the least Suresh Gupta for the efforts & cooperation they have extended to me to realize the amount without which it would have been a distant dream for me.


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