Today, I finally had a look at our blog site…the intention had been there for long but with the NSM deadlines looming large, I kept delaying the visit!

To start with, we had a nice surprise today (we were not updated on the new coffee vending machine) with a variety being offered for the morning brew—cappuccino, badam milk, ginger tea, lemon tea, and what not! Cool! I hope this stays for good…

We had a great time at the NSM—presentations, rain and all… It was one of the most interesting sales meet I have attended in the last six years. It was great to hear from Vivek (before I read his post) about the high energy and passion of the School division! And of course, Goa was fantastic! It was pouring every single day that we were there, but I didn’t mind getting drenched in the rain at all—it’s been ages since I’d done that…

And I also looked up what ‘prestidigitation’ meant… Simplifying texts for school books has put me off l...o…n...g words for good, I think!

Well, this is my first ever blog post; I hope to be a regular soon!



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