Pearson vs TMH

Pearson & TMH locked horns once again in the field but this time round it was not an institute, school or University. This time it was a lush green cricket field and for a change we had cricket gear in spite of books and teachers manuals, at around 9.30 in the morning we started with formal introduction of teams. Binit Shukla captain of Pearson side called it right , and as we had unanimously decided earlier Mr. Shukla elected to bat. Opening was not too good for us as Amit Kumar came back hand in glove with a duck, as it was early morning dew and extra hard pitch because of which the ball was coming with some extra pace, bounce and swing, anyways I tried putting the scoring back on track but could only score 3 runs and joined Amit back in the benches. We lost 3 wickets in quick succession, it was only when Naveen and young turk Abhishek Shukla sent the TMH XI on the leather hunt and followed by some good partnerships we reached at 123, which we discussed in the middle and thought about it to be a lucky number for most of us and a winning total as well.

When we set our foot for fielding the conditions had changed and the pitch was not supporting the bowling side at all , but the fiery pace of Abhishek and Binit always kept the TMH openers on the backfoot, Abhishek got the first breakthrough setting the tone for the other bowlers to follow suite. I chipped in with my medium pace, to which three of TMH batsmen didn’t have any answer and went back to the bench one after other, It was then Amit’s turn to seek revenge who despite bruised shoulder fired two very good overs and got one wicket. TMH was five down but still not giving up, It was then Kamal  came down heavily on them with his medium pace sending one after the other back to pavilion.Finally TMH required 18 more runs to win with last pair on the ground but again a beautiful delivery by Kamal caught The Last Man standing with his Leg Before Wicket and that was the time when the PEARSON playing eleven and our team mates on the bench erupted with joy on the field and did a victory dance on the ground.

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