Daman and Diu!


Why? It’s unusual and is still unexplored and experienced for any sales meet or conferences by any one.


Logistical issues are obvious but I refrain. Come on we are talking about sales meet, I am sure the participants have comfortably reached to the most remote locations before and Daman is not an exception.


I know any beach is no different from other but if you are thinking of a beach destination it could also be Daman Diu.


Goa is very crowded and Chennai’s Marina beach sounds very uncool. Think about it!






International trip might sound very expensive but conducting the NSM in Bangkok is similar or might be cheaper compared to the Varanasi.


For example In Taj we paid the room rent of 5 K /per day and stayed about 5 days, which is equal to 25 thousand + travel expenses.


But flight ticket to Bangkok is 20 K to& fro and can be very well bargained when we book in bulk.


Even the room rents for a 5 star hotel is 1.5 K / Per.



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The sins we all committed in Colombo (or Manali, or wherever) are washed twice over, first at Jagannath Puri and then in the sacred waters of the Ganga in Varanasi. A hat-trick of visits to the holy cities may upset the pilgrim’s appetite for progress in worldly pursuits. I guess the time to be indulgent is here. Goa is a worthy location for a National Sails, oops, Sales Meet. And, with Goa as the destination, answering the why should not be a problem. In fact, the wise ones wouldn’t raise a question, but a toast to this suggestion. What say?




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I just read all the previous blogs written by Pearson people.


I was on three month leave, joined office yesterday.


It pains to read the death of a colleague Gopal Deb. I interacted with him on a few occasions for organising Maths books. He was most helpful and respectful. Loss of a life is such a painful experience for family and friends. They have to bear the loss, live with the pain and treasure the memories. I sincerely hope God gives them the strength and courage to bear the loss. I don’t know how to put it across but if we as a company who understands social responsibility could assure the family in some way that one of the younger siblings of Gopal Deb would be given employment with the company in future which would make the loss just a wee bit less painful.



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FW: Pearson Vs McGrawhill match in pics


Pearson Vs McGrawhill match in pics

Some early moments clicked from my mobile. The first ball of the match




This is Amit Kumar leaving field after getting out for a duck…hardluck didn’t last longer when he came out to ball he was handy took crucial wicket and a spectacular catch which took the game away from McGrawhill



Amit Chauhan


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