A Year at Pearson

Yesterday was my first anniversary at Pearson, and I am not sure how my report card should read.


2008 was the most fun I have had in my working life, and believe me, I have enjoyed most of my career up to here. It has also been the most intense work I have done so far, and it’s a company where I can see myself building a career. I read somewhere that the average lifespan of a CEO today is about 18 months, so that may be presumptuous but I hope that’s what happens.


On the performance front, it’s been a pretty good year, as all of you know. I do think that we have removed some of the kinks in the organisation structure, and that we now have a team that is more cohesive than before. I think we are also shedding some of the petty beauracracy that bogged us down, and I hope this will allow us to be more nimble and market focused. I also hope we are moving to a more open culture, but one which is still performance based. So, there are some good things achieved, or partly achieved.


But when I look at my notes from the early weeks in the company, there are so many areas where I feel we have not made as much progress as we could have, so I think maybe it’s a reasonable start, but there’s still so much to do!


If you have ideas that you think should be on my agenda, or comments on what I may have done well or badly, please email me. Or just write and say, Happy Anniversary!


Vivek Govil




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