Experience at the Goa NSM

The day when it was announced our NSM destination will be Goa, there was flurry of ghost stories started doing rounds within the office. Most of them have already heard the ghostly experiences of the school team who toured Goa for their sales meet. The stories were very usual, one of them found suspicious object in the room, hearing of footsteps in the corridor during the night and only the most weird of all was when one found there doors and window all open when they woke up in the morning. Isn’t this enough to jolt any body to shivers? The historical Dona Paula suicide episode and her spirits still being seen on the full moon nights added thump to everyone’s imagination on how it’s going to be there in ghostly abode. Knowing all this and getting there again was anything but a sequel of horror film like I know what you did last summer – which is supposedly called I still know what you did last summer.


It was our Chennai Super King (I use this title because I am writing this while watching the IPL) first chance who got the honor of Ghost visiting his room and playing with his hand kerchief and finally ripping it badly using the roommate’s blades. It was the joy on the face of the guy who instead of panicking showed the coveted piece of torn kerchief to everyone who though scared but still liked to have a glimpse at it anyways. As this was not enough to leave the poor ones who were already shaken Phew! News came in that one of the new inmates of the hotel read names written on the mirror. Guys, there was a point to note the spirits were not only pranksters but knew writing.


On the same night I saw one of them reciting Hanuman Chalisa and shouting Jai Hanuman slogan through out the night. I and my roommate got calls from these guys to come in and stay in their rooms as they were scared of ghost who might visit them. Anyways we did not respond thinking they are doing this just for fun which wasn’t, the next day we learnt that they asked Binit to be their saviour….bravo Binit. I knew even few of the ladies followed the same trick with 06-07 of them staying together to escape the fear of ghost when they are alone. They were happy as their plan did work in favour of them and ghosts lurking inside empty rooms enjoying the benefit of night stays without being charged by the hotel.


Like any climax which has to be spine chilling or nerve jerking we heard the story from one of the inmates saying here packed luggage was opened by the ghost and one the dresses flew outside the room and found in the parking area and this time around it was again our Chennai folks who were the victim of the silly ghosts prank. It doesn’t end there blood stains were visible but only through camera lens, thanks to Amit K  who was there to give expert reason behind why the marks are seen only through the camera.


Personally, it was indeed haunting to me at times but I followed the advice of my friend I got intoxicated every night and had heavenly sleep. Overall this years the NSM was surrounded by spirits and horror stories being the topic of discussion with most of them and likely to be treated only as a gossip otherwise we would not have seen the people enjoying on beach and dancing in the party. This was my fourth NSM and the experience has always got better why not? I got my first award and also won a bottle of wine for participating in NSM theme contest. I thank for having me at the NSM and hope the fun continues….






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