Brand New Day

From the day I last attended Patparganj office I was excited to see my new office. As I made myself sure to reach the office as early as possible the day started with water running out of order in the morning at my home and when this was fixed to add to woes I was lost finding the shortest way to reach the office. But once I reached what I saw was really astounding work of architect, this was the place, atmosphere, ambience etc.I ever wanted to work, in one word, I was awestruck.


The setting was perfect and we joined at the prayer, thanks to Nav, Shadab, John, and Sanjeev. It continued to with funny games and quizzes, the most liked was the musical chair and the tele shopping skit played by the school team. Babita finally won this contest with Navin being proactive contender until his survival. Rambir’s nostalgic speech won lots of applause and continued with beer guzzling and cake feast.


Bheja Fry show was delayed a lil’ bit but was packed full house with patient audiences who were looking forward to this first day first day flick. I didn’t turn up to this show as I look up to see some real bollywood potboiler someday.


To me this new place of work bring great positive energy and space to prosper and achieve our aspirations.








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