The Move

I thought I’d put up some cartoons and poems about moving to our new office. The poems are mostly taken from The cartoons are mine though. So here goes...

About being “closely knit” in a new environment :

Some of us were already concerned about the lack of privacy in the new office even before the move. Now even Big Brother was watching....

'The art of pretending is tricky indeed.
It takes planning, luck, and lots of speed.
Your boss comes by so you pick up the phone,
You talk to yourself in a professional tone.
A quick click required to change the screen,
So games and emails remain unseen'

About life being governed by the shuttle service:

For the ones who were used to the luxury of waking up at 9 in the morning and still making it to office in time( and that includes me), the new schedule was rather taxing...

'Ode to the Clock

That’s why I love and hate
The way she does decieve.
She always makes me wait
For when it’s time to leave

About teething problems :

Even after having spent sleepless nights trying to ensure a smooth transition, there was no respite for the IT team. The printers did not cooperate, the UPS refused to get charged, the phone lines revolted...

'A loop unending won’t release its hold
And ctrl alt delete won’t do as it’s told.
With data dying a death undeserved,
The power button’s power is held in reserve.

But what ill effects would come of that act?
Would the hemorrhaging host remain intact?
The risk is great, but the current crisis is greater.
Action must be taken and it mustn’t come later.

The boot begins and words fill the screen
And the checker checks to see if it’s clean.
The file was fine or so it was thought,
But if it was, would you have what you got?

Then it happens, the moment you feared.
The program restarts and the screen is cleared.
No options are left except for the one;
Format it all for the virus has won'

About new workstations and storage space :

Unpacking proved to be an interesting excercise. Also, there was the stuff about bonding with the furniture...

'I may have never met you,
But that’s okay with me.
I do know that my love is true
Even though you disagree'




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