Pearson disappears from Patparganj

Thursday 30th April 2009 was the last day when the residents of Patparganj Industrial Area last saw their only dazzling neighbors spending the days work. Pearson stayed for their over 5 years and provided industrial area all characteristics to this place to be in the limelight. Mainly those three to four refreshment kiosks are the worst hit for their brisk business of food, refreshments, tea and not the least cigarettes where the Pearsonians used to throng during their breaks.


While everyone outside Pearson were sad and low but the scene inside was completely different people grabbing all the hottest deals offered to them at throw away prices. Some of them even revolted when they realized that best of the lot was already reserved and there were some emotional faces who recalled all those sweet days they spent since its inception but they were high in spirits anticipating the experience of all new lavish workplace. All those left behind only wish if anyone ever could replace this landmark that Pearson Education was for Patparganj Industrial Area.


Ciao Patparganj Industrial Area…….



Amit Chauhan










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