The new office

I was hoping to get more reactions to our contest on the new office, but right now there are only two entries, so it looks like I will have to toss a coin to see whether it's Gargi or Gitesh..unless some of you want to try your hand over the next couple of weeks.

Here are my thoughts about the new office:

1. I hate the commute. I knew it would be longer than Patparganj, but its added more time than I thought. But I am hoping that within a year or so, with the widening of NH24 and with a Metro station planned 400m from the office, it will be a different story.

2. I love having everyone on one floor. I can walk around and see everyone, and figure out what's going on in all parts of the company. Since practically everything I do is with other people, just a quick walk around the central block reminds me of things I may have forgotten to do, simply since I see the people I have to do it with.

3. I think having everyone together has to be good for internal communication. Anindo was complaining the other day (only half in jest) that the workload on his team has gone up. Since they are in plain sight, they get more queries and more issues that need resolution than before. If that is true, and it happens across our departments, this will be fantastic.

4. I think we can do a bit more for having fun, and improving communication. Ranjani is organising a notice board in the Bunker, where apart from official stuff you can post individual notices (if you need a house mate or are selling a car) and Dipankar is trying to arrange a table tennis table in our unused expansion area.

The one area which still seems very under utilised is the informal breakaway in the midst of all the editors (the purple chair place). Any thoughts on what we should do with it? Being patient is always an option!

Vivek Govil
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