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Congratulations to the winning suggestion, which I think is great, I wish I had thought of it! As it happened neither of my suggestions even made it to the short list, so I will have to be content with a regular room at Udaipur! I must clarify that if you had a vision of Naveen and me spending the weekend together debating the pros and cons of each of the 22 suggestions, I have to tell you that the actual process was much swifter- I think both of us also have a life to lead!

I secretly (not so secretly now) wish we could have selected Babichan's suggestion and given a Longman dictionary to each participant though!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and maybe all us losers should have a drink together.

The scope of this blog is being widened to welcome participation from other group companies, to begin with the DK and Penguin teams (you may have already noticed the unfamiliar logos on the page!). I hope that gets us more writers and more topics that will be of interest to us all. Since there really isn't a higher purpose to this site than to have an outlet for people who want to share their thoughts on anything, I guess it will be good to have more players.

Vivek Govil

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This blog is for all employees of Pearson in India . We hope to share updates - both personal and professional - from the worlds of education and publishing.