Reply vs Reply All

It’s fascinating how many people don’t realise there are two buttons right next to each other in Microsoft Outlook. One says “Reply” and the other “Reply all” – maybe you should think about which one is appropriate for you. Do we all need to know that you received a mail from Yatendra? The first few were amusing, but having to delete a hundred mails makes it less funny.


Independent of this instance, I don’t know if you have noticed how emails can keep getting more and more cc’s added on – the number of people copied never seems to shorten, it just gets longer. So even when you do a “Reply all”, please review the people you are sending it to. Usually you can trim the list a bit – and we certainly don’t need to be copied on the “Thank You” and “Your Welcome” phase of your email exchanges.


There, that’s my rant for the day.


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