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I am not that firm believer of luck. Though I still believe that one should give his/her best performance and then wait for the outcome (Leave the rest to luck).  So here is another idea for the NSM theme:


‘Reveal the ACE in you’



Navneet Khurana

Promotion Executive

Marketing PTG and HE


NSM -09 Theme


NSM 09 Theme


As the previous year was excellent for Pearson India, taking forward the last NSM’s theme “Expect More”, we can have the following theme for this conclave:


“Achieved…. What Next? “


The theme has right blend of success and agression that Pearson posses.


Sachin Saxena

Theme- NSM in Goa

When empires are drowning in the choppy waters of recession, we intend to swim against the tide and make waves across the world.

“Let’s make waves “or “Make Waves…”

….what better theme for NSM in Goa!!!


Anita Yadav

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