It’s 1st April. This day, twenty seven years ago I was born. I look back and imagine myself in the cradle, crying; people looking at me, smiling and saying- You're going to be the butt of all jokes, all your life!! I wonder if they had to actually touch me to believe I was a baby, and not a hoax or prank.

Since that day, I have made people smile at the very onset of the chat about birthdates.

"so u were born on fools day!!"

"its a nice day to have one's birthday"

"don’t tell me"

"are u kidding"

"don’t fool me"..etc etc etc....

But I have not met one person who was normal after hearing my birthdate...

In my toddler days, I used to celebrate my birthday on 5th April. Just to escape the ridiculous notion that everyone born on 1st april are fools, I made sure that no one ever came to know of my real birth-date.....I followed a sequence before disclosing my real birthday.....I made every one believe that since Isaac Newton was born on 1st April and is a genius, so am I. (Cooking up Newton's birth-date at that age was a sure sign of genius, wasn't it?) Talking of Newton, my analytical mind tries to look at the brighter side of it all (Everything happens for a reason, after all). I can invite people for my birthday bash, without dreading of a hefty bill. Knowing very well half the people won't show up thinking it's a prank.

Thank God for that!!


Anita Yadav

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