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I wanted to post this yesterday as a response to Vivek’s earlier post.


Closer home the Centre For Distance Engineering Education Programme (http://www.cdeep.iitb.ac.in/) , IIT Bombay offers live webcast courses for free. CDEEP also offers a value-added mode that offers additional features like video on demand, learning management system etc. Each value-added course is priced at Rs 1000.


What opportunities does it raise for an educational company like ours? It is probably an indicator that digital learning is in, and there are takers. The immediate results may not be too grand, but we need to keep working at it.


Since this concept is still in its nascent stage, it is important that we keep ourselves updated. For this purpose, I would like to introduce the Digital Learning Blog (http://pearsoned-digitallearning.blogspot.com/). If you stumble across anything that you think that we ought to know in the field of digital learning and if you have any ideas, please do drop in a few lines to gbanerjee.b.digilearning@blogspot.com. Let’s see where this takes us.


The next contest

It seems that it needs a prize to get you to write! Does anyone have anything to say about the few days the Higher Ed team spent in Goa?

I am running low on my stocks of wine, so maybe for this one, I will make it a dinner for two at a nice restaurant, let’s not get carried away with 5 star.

Articles which carry pictures of Vivek Govil dancing are immediately disqualified.


Folks from the school team, or others who were not at Goa will have to think of a topic of their own in order to participate. Maybe how nice the office is with half the people missing.


Oh, and I got my prize for contributing to the NSM theme, thank you very much. It felt good.


Vivek Govil

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