Working together with my creative element and missing blog id to post, took me a day extra - is actually the reason to my entry on 23 June. I think, still you can add some more ideas as under, to your list of NSM theme.


This involves a bit of research, an innovation and the key to actually what we do every year. However, here arose a dilemma; I am out with two good themes, actually speaking tagline dedicated to our energy for National Sales Meet.

1.        Advance to Pioneer

2.       Imagine to Believe


I have taken these two word liner as a suitable tagline to NSM 09-10 theme, with the ease to communicate and grab.


Advance to Pioneer

An idea: Every one of us think to advance further, question comes - How? With all we do and suppose, there needs to be a way out from assumption to success.

We are chasing not only the date to the National Sales Meet 2K09-10; also a day to unite the Pearsonites from every part of India under one roof associated with brand Pearson Longman. Hence- advance.

And, the key we always discuss with an extension to 3 days conferences and meeting is the way to pioneer, with the words suppose to imagine and believe to achieve.

With this we draw closer to a tagline:

Imagine to Believe




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