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PE 2.0 …Time for new beginnings.



The year that was shook many a giant out of their slumber and put some into a permanent sleep. Business as usual became business unusual. Those who had their heads in the clouds were battling to keep it above water the next instance.


A mass of  molten iron gradually cools down and settles into a comfortable yet meaningless lump unless it is cast into a mould or forged into a shape. We have borne the heat , and in this molten state of flux the easiest thing to do is to turn into that  lump, precise in chemical composition, inconsequential in form and function. It is  time to take up the hammer and cast ourselves into what we are meant to be. They say Near Death Experiences change your whole perspective on life  and make you question your own purpose and existence.

Though it wasn’t that drastic for us, It is perhaps time to have the conversation about who we are, what we are really meant to do and how are we going to go about it.

Let us learn from history and look beyond the math when we engineer our identity. The quest for meaning has taken man over many a mountain but the closest he has ever come to an answer is when he has looked inside . let this be a period of intense churning and introspection as we emerge from the furnace, tempered with a set of convictions, mightier than ever,





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