Travels with a donkey

One of the things I love about my job is the variety of experiences it offers me. Although I grumble about the amount I have to travel, each trip is an experience, and hopefully moves our agenda forward. My wife and son have reconciled themselves to my occasional presence. The dogs still look a bit confused.

Last week I travelled through rural UP, along with Khozem and Joanne from our ELT practice in New York. We were examining ways of delivering low cost education to rural children. I have some fantastic pictures which I will try posting later.

This week I was in Phoenix, Arizona for a meeting of Will Ethridge's senior executives. It is truly astonishing how rapidly the company is changing. And Marjorie made a telling point about what value means in our business - it is delivered by helping each student make progress.

Today I am in London, discussing priorities for our Edexcel business.

And next week I will be meeting international schools in Bombay, as well as meeting a major retail chain of book stores.

I think I really am blessed to have a job which offers such a range of business opportunities, and the chance to perhaps make a difference.

And with all of this travel going on, I missed most of the World Book Fair, although I did keep track of our progress by email with Nikhil giving me updates and Madhur sending me pictures. What did you all think of the book fair? Any views you might want to share?

A box of chocolates for the best new post over the next two weeks.

Vivek Govil
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