NSM 2011 Theme Contest

Dear Sir,


I herewith give below the themes for the NSM 2011 theme contest.


Turning Mirrors into Windows”

“Transmission of civilization”

“Digital for all”

“Panacea for Illiteracy”

“Creating Citizens”

“Building Mankind”

“Revolution in Education”

“Born to Educate”

“For Infant to intellectual”

“The CHANGE in Education”

“Future of Education”

“Educating beyond Boundaries”

“Educating beyond Enlightenment”

“Illuminating the Illiterate World”

“Educating illiterate to Intellectual”

“Pathfinder for Future”

“Taking Education to Greater Heights”

“Towards Upliftment of Education”

“Marching to Mars”

“Quest Atlantis”

“Learning Never Dies”

“Quenching Learners Thirst”

“Educating Robots too….”

“Face of the Future”

“Empowerment for Everyone”

“Heritage of Education”

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