A Contest! (And a pledge redeemed)

In days of yore, O Reader mine,

This blog it had a life so fine.

For travellers from yon distant lands

Dropped by to weave the many strands

Of tales of glory, lust and love—

Mayhap not always all the ’bove—

But stories, dreams and many a moan

Were heard, or read, by all of our own,

And many a writer won great meed

When their outpourings were fun to read.


But lately a gloom has spread in this world

And the dragon of silence seems to be curled

On the sofa at the entrance scaring people away.

But lo! a great Knight has come to hold sway

And yet again we behold a merry day

When prizes galore are being given away.


A box of chocolates, or a bottle of wine,

Yours will be the choice, O Reader of mine

But write us a poem, a lay or a story

And yours could be the boundless glory.

Yet hold, if we have a contest, why not have two?

One for the masses and one for a few.

So hark, those who went to Tanah Melayu

A prize for the best story, with a picture of you

And while the jury is out deciding its merit,

We might just have a vote and decide by ballot.


So sharpen your pens, your tongues and your wit

And forgive the ramblings of this gormless poet.


Delirium, once Delight

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