With America in my mind...

Vicki, you are most welcome in this office of course and looks like you are having a great time in India. That’s fantastic!! We were near neighbors in the US when I was based in Indianapolis out of the PTG offices there till about 8 months ago. America always made me feel very welcome and so I hope India does the same for you.

I left India nearly 5 years ago to work in Indianapolis with Pearson, carrying 3 suitcases, my older pup Sheeba and wife (we-ll I did not carry hercould not!). I came back to India last October with a container full of furniture, electronics that do not work here, a wife (yes, the same), a daughter and two dogs! I nearly carried my cars back, but thought that would make me look stupid. So, hurray for Carmax, I sold those off at no loss! Memories of my life there can be seen all over my house, more so because my daughter, Ananya, and my younger pup, a Husky who goes by the name of Sirus (it was a battle to prevent my wife from naming him Sirius Black!!!) are always there to greet me when I come back home! Both were born in Indiana.

In Indianapolis, Sheeba would sit by the upstairs window overlooking the drive every evening at 6:00 PM, and as I looked up from my car turning into my drive, the expression on her face always asked me when will you come back home?!

Now, back in Delhi, when I get back home every day, Sheeba, true to her Indian values, casually wags her tail with her hiney facing me and head under the stool, seemingly telling me casually so, you are back home, but you had to come back, didnt ya?. Yeah, I had to come back home to India, didnt I?

I am home, but a part of America will always live with me. My daughter and my pup will always make sure America never goes too far away..


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