Two small steps

Yesterday we managed two small steps to improve life at Pearson India.

First, we found a sort of solution for the ladies who felt unsafe walking through the estate to a bus stop. We will have a list of the company cars with drivers at security, and all employees can use any available car to get dropped off at the bus stop. If you use mine, its a no smoking car!

Second, we agreed that we would put in additional coffee machines in the office. There was a debate about whether to have fewer machines, but of better quality, or machines on each floor, but where the quality was not as good. The clear voting was for better coffee, even if you have to climb a flight of stairs to get it. It might take a month or so to install, but we're on our way.

Vicki's post seems to have inspired a few more people to write for this site, and that's fantastic. When I was on my own, not only was it lonely, the quality of writing was pretty average. Now I need to find what nala food is.

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