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Why publishing?

My first day at school, I cried for five whole minutes. Five minutes, while my teacher, Chitra Miss, tried to distract me--by admiring my skirt, the handkerchief pinned on my blouse, my water bottle. When that didn't work, she sat down with me on her lap and started reading from a book. A bright, colorful book that caught my interest, made me concentrate, and learn.

Years have passed by but that first lesson has remained. That good teachers and good books can make a world of difference. That a book that opens up your mind, that sharpens your focus, that teaches you something new makes you somehow more alive.

Perhaps it is because my parents were teachers, who believed that the best friend someone can have is a good book. Or because every time we moved, the first things that got packed and unpacked, very carefully, were the books. Whatever the reason may be, there remains a feeling of mystery and joy every time I open a book.

And that is why I am in publishing. Because there are still books to be read. And who knows what journeys still to be undertaken and what things still to be learnt.

Jonaki Ray
Senior Development Editor


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