My achievement during the year 2008




The year 2008 has been very eventful year for me. Prior to joining Pearson on 5th November, 2007, I was working with a well known German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp, as the Head of Indirect Taxation, managing taxation matters of 28 states in India. I earned much kudos from CFO for single-handedly managing the indirect taxation matters to the satisfaction of all. When I got the offer from Pearson as Manager-Finance, my previous organization’s CFO, Managing Director, Zonal Finance Controllers and concerned Advocates / Consultants wished me wholeheartedly for a bright future in my next assignment in Pearson.


Perhaps, their blessings inspired me in making some worthwhile achievements during my tenure with Pearson. In my initial few days at Pearson, I was learning the dynamics of business, its accounting policies, reporting standards as well as pulses of other departments. Slowly, I came to terms with the system as the rigors of Chartered Accountancy profession helped me in understanding any system, whatever be its complexities. I was told by VP-Finance and other senior colleagues that 3D P&L reporting had been long overdue after I joined here. This is a three dimensional Profit & Loss Account analyzing profits / losses for our three divisions, e.g. Higher Education, Professional & Trade and School. I was given the stiff target of developing the 3D P&L in a fortnight.


This has been the operation from the scratch. First, I had to understand the accounting codes, profit centres as well as the P&L groupings being followed in TMS. Basically, it was an exercise on accounting concepts and policies tailor-made for a publishing industry. The fact that I had no prior experience in publishing industry, made my task even for difficult. But, my self determination to achieve something, which, I knew, would be highly beneficial to the company, propelled me to contribute towards attaining new heights of company’s financial analysis.


Amongst other jobs, I involved myself throughout day and night, whether at office or home, in developing the well sought-after report. It took all of my skills so far accumulated over my 14 years’ professional experience in the fields of accountancy, finance as well as computer applications to make it operational.


I earned praise from my seniors and colleagues, but these adulations were nothing when a thought came to my mind that I had done something very good towards organizational goals. I am not exaggerating the fact that throughout my career, I never looked upon my career as a priority, rather, I felt enlightened at the benefit derived by the organizations from my work. May be, this was considered as weakness by some, for not becoming ambitious. But, I don’t care. Becoming ambitious only does not fetch me any peace of mind. Rather, I want to move up the ladder as a member of the team. I feel proud as a member of a brilliant finance team of Pearson Education, India especially after this achievement.





Sujiban Ghosh



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