NSM 09

Dear Jonaki,

It is a wonderful contest and I want to congratulate you for such a wonderful thinking to start such type of issues for which generally we discuss among each other but couldn’t get our result, but might be possible now we could get a recognition for our thoughts so as you have given very latest issue on which now days our colleagues are murmuring with each other.

First of all I want to concentrate my discussion about the issue that our meeting should held outside of India or within India!

NSM 09--------Our NSM 09 should held outside of India like BANKOK,MAURITUS  because we get a chance to go outside with our colleagues to discuss further planning and issues for best of our Family(company) once in a year so generally this tour is Sales Meeting cum Tour with our colleagues so I have various reasons for our NSM outside of INDIA:

*As Publishing Industry is very small industry so generally our distributors and our competitors discuss about these meetings and if we come from outside of India we proudly reply to our distributors, suppliers and competitors about our NSM and it make us very proud that we are in Brand and we are best in this industry so it enhances our Moral as well as motivate the young and new joiners that they have joined best publishing company among all publishing companies.

So our NSM should be Sales meeting as well as memorable Tour for everyone.   





09838502347 (UTTAR PRADESH)



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