Yes!!!!we did it again



Every year in the month of December almost all of us ask each other this question “did you get your numbers ?” New joinees often scratch their heads puzzled thinking what “numbers” these people are talking about! We rush in during the day and after the office hours as well, scribbling the orders from the customers on each and every piece of paper we see around, checking the inventory, running up and down the stairs towards Customer Service and manufacturing for the titles in demand. Orders come in from each and every possible mode of communication like phone, fax, e-mail and even on sms .Its   really fun to read them and many a times I feel them referring to some intelligence department for decoding like KnG 1-8 # 200 or Dark O Brown 3/200 (if you are wondering what is this? it refers to one of our prominent authors Mr. Derek O’ Brien whose name our distributors fail to pronounce despite their best efforts).


Some times I wonder how the maximum sales numbers we did earlier in our monthly budget few years ago are now being achieved in a single day by our go getter sales team .Yes we can!!


Well, this year again we did our budget in style well before the day of closing on 24th itself and I celebrated Christmas partying all night with the friends, just now I got confirmation from my colleagues that the party is going to continue over the weekend .

In all it was a great financial year. On behalf of School Division I would like to thank each and every department, our customers, authors and vendors for their continuous cooperation and support for making things happen. 


Prashant Rathore



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