DREAM VACATION – A World of Oneself…

Most of us in Pearson are more than 20 years; hence partially crossed the dreamy, exciting and happening stage of life that contributes maximum to the upholding desires and finally head towards the ultimate glory of life.

My recent vacation to Jayalgarg and Shivpuri was such an ultimate experience to bud the glory of life to adventure. It was the most daring and cherishing dream vacation that inspired me to take more such wonderful adventures in search of the spark…

This small piece of desire happened with me just 3 months back with the group of my friends for camping in the beautiful valley known as Verdant Valley as an excursion and contributed towards the most dazzling experiences realized throughout in my 23 years of journey.

The heartbreaking ultimate adventures includes: Bridge Slithering, Rafting, Rappelling, Cliff and Bungee Jumping, Rock climbing etc.

As a remark to this vacation, it contributed as one of the most appealing and exhilarating event of my life.

The height of the world of dream vacation contributes much to ones’ state of mind and desires to fulfill in life. It’s not about the place you see but the one yet to be created full of shining rays of sun and showers of rose. Even the journey from planning to execution can excite you to limitless possibility and ultimately lets you reach the trail to sky.

Sneha Bharadwaj

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