Words. How they cut through you at times! How they make you laugh, make you cry!.
Words- they make or break you, they get made into stories. They can make you immortal. Words, you can play games with them. You can twist them, turn them, throw them at someone, and catch them. Words– they mean so many different things. They stay with you for almost a lifetime. Words–they give a name to so many feelings. Passion is just one of them.

Music–it is something that soothes, something that heals, something that brings people together. There is music in the twittering of a bird, there is music in the rain, there is music in the laughter of a beloved. Music evokes so many sentiments. Passion is just one of them.

Colours. Put them on a canvas and it gets made into a picture. Make it into an adjective and everything seems so vibrant. There is a colour for every occasion. There is a colour for every emotion. Passion is just one of them.

People. They make relationships, they make epics. They make the “you”s and the “me”s . They make the “us”. They make variety, they create history. They make a difference.
People influence you. In many different ways. Some stay by you, some drift away. Some get you into trouble, some pull you out of it. With some, you make brilliant conversations, with some you make war. There are so many shades to their character, they are so same and yet so different. For some you feel love, for some you feel indifference, for some you feel anger, for some there is sympathy. There are some that make you feel passionate.

Dreams. They lead you to a illusion, they can lead you to imagination. Too much of it can ruin you, but most of it will lead you to great achievement. They are bizarre, unreal, they are scary and they are funny. They are ephemeral, but they also stay. Sometimes, you wake up from a dream feeling confused , sometimes you wake up from one feeling wary. Sometimes, they instill in you a passion that can make a great success story.
Words, music, colours, people, dreams. They are all small pieces of a great jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes they fit in neatly, sometimes they have rough edges. But when they are there, they make a beautiful picture called life. I guess that is what I am most passionate about–passionate about life, passionate about living.


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