The First Ninety Days

It is said that the first ninety days of a new situation-this could be a job, a relationship or even a book-is fraught with peril and loaded with opportunity. I've clocked ninety days at Pearson and lived to tell the tale! Peril? Not any that I could see, and I'm good at spotting that, in my multiple roles as worker, friend, teacher, mother and wife. Opportunity? Definitely. In a new organisation, you're quickly taken through the procedures and processes, but who tells you how to get started and what to do to get off to a good start? The right answer is nobody! I spent a few weeks listening and learning. I've focused on sailing with a new team and setting realistic goals. I'm now pushing hard to achieve those goals. I love making (and keeping to) schedules. People who've worked with me before will attest to this. Covey's quadrants make me misty-eyed. Okay, I'm also rather sad!

It's a good time to be with Pearson now. Brave, imaginative, decent. Great words to draw inspiration from. I can feel the positive energy around me and this keeps me charged. More so, after the 'Reflections' programme in Delhi. It's exciting to know that I'm part of such a vibrant and vivacious team. Well, here I am now, racing into the next ninety days. I'm happy!


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